Snowy Owl in BC
Heron Reflecting
The Extended Family   Juanita Bay, WA
Swans Connecting   Juanita Bay, WA
Bald Eagle Pair in Sequim
Black Neck Stilts in Flight    Moses Lake, WA
Mr Wood Duck   Juanita Bay, WA
Bald Eagle Pair in Sequim, WA

© 2017 by Jeff Lane     

My goal is to create digital images that engender an emotional response in the viewer. To this end, I travel extensively and continue to study new techniques for capturing and processing images.  For display, I've chosen a lamination process so that there is no glare from glass.  This also makes the framed prints lighter and easily cleaned.  Paper and ink are archival and the lamination is UV blocking.  Prints are available plain, laminated, or laminated and framed in a variety of sizes.  My subjects are wildlife with some landscapes,  flowers, and macro work.  In addition to fine art prints, I have a large selection of stock images.  If there is something you don't see, please ask:

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